FL573V - Finish Line Wax

Fast Liquid Wax
Fortified with wax and leaves a "wet look" shine. Works fast and easy on all painted surfaces, clear-coat, plastic, and metal. Safely removes dust, mild road grime, fingerprints and water spots. Perfect for spot washing or complete vehicle washing without water. Body shop safe. Anti-static and anti-streak. Non-abrasive and non-silicone.

FL563V - BC 2000

BC 2000 is a polish / wax that can be used on multi-stage and clear coat finishes. Removes light surface oxidation, micro-scratches, and swirls. Leaves a brilliant shine. For use by hand or with high speed or orbital polisher.

FL551- Sunny Cote

Wax / Sealant
Easily applied sealer that produces an excellent high gloss shine on pre-cleaned clear coat finishes, glass and chrome. Sunny Cote removes grease, tar and buffer residue and leaves a protective polymer finish. Applied by Hand.

FL536V - Extreme Shine

Clear Coat Wax and Polymer


A user-friendly cream wax formulated with the latest engineered polymers and waxes. Can be used as a one-step wax on lightly oxidized finishes or as a second step wax on aged paint that has been pre-cleaned. May be applied by hand, high speed or orbital buffer, with either wool or foam pads.

FL595 - Cherry Wax

Cherry Wax

Leaves a deep wet look shine and a long lasting protective coating. Produces a show car finish. Can be used by hand or with orbital polisher.
Eliminates streaks and haze. Also avalible in 16 oz. and Qts.

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